How to Operate a Cannabis Manufacturing Business

How to Operate a Cannabis Manufacturing Business

Tom and Miggy visited Green Revolution, one of Washington’s leading cannabis manufacturers.

They got the chance to sit down with Dr. Alex Paya, Operations Manager at Green Revolution. Alex discusses operating a cannabis manufacturing business, his transition to the cannabis industry, and managing inventory and quality control for cannabis products. He also offers advice for future cannabis facility operations managers.

0:00 – Start of Show
0:15 – Alex Paya, Operations Manager, Green Revolution
0:36 – Transitioninto theCannabis Industry
2:38 – Cannabis Manufacturing SOPs
2:55 – Nanoemulsion
5:50 – Advice on Transitioninto theCannabis Industry
8:49 – Cannabis Industry Trends
10:17 – Cannabis Sales During COVID-19
13:17 – Keeping Cannabis Products Fresh
14:56 – Keeping Edible Flavors Consistent
16:14 – Advice for Cannabis Operations Managers

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